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The Opulence Global team uses TruCash reloadable cards to reward their members with sales incentives in real-time.


Established in 2005, Opulence Global is a leading designer, manufacturer and seller of luxury goods in Canada. Its lines range from fashion to health to beauty. Their business model uses network marketing to motivate team members to sell products and recruit new members into the organization. This model, as well as the Opulence’s debt-free approach, drives the company to success in over 200 countries and territories.

Opulence members sell products and recruit new members toward earning sales incentives.

Opulence members sell products and recruit new members to the company program.


Opulence pays its members commissions—but e-transfers, cheques and cash couldn’t reliably distribute funds. This would discourage members and limit the company’s overall progress. Further, Opulence didn’t have the tech to centrally and efficiently manage its member commissions. So, the organization needed a way modernize its growing team’s sales incentives.


TruCash built a customized, reloadable card program to supply Opulence Global with flexibility and control over its fund distribution. Now, the company loads and tracks its funding in real-time through an analytics Dashboard. This allows Opulence to ensure finances reach the desired location, which supports healthy communication between members and corporate staff.

The Opulence program gives staff the tools to direct funds to members based on their earned commissions. Plus, account history is clear to both Opulence and its members. The members, by receiving money on a TruCash card, can spend online and in-store worldwide. Further, they can shop and earn, pay bills and send money to recipients from within the TruCash app.

Looking Forward

Opulence Global, with headquarters in both Canada and the Philippines, looks forward to expanding its global reach. Many companies attempt market networking—few succeed. Over 27 years, Opulence proved their business model works for its community and the world’s consumers. We look forward to growing alongside Opulence as it takes the next steps on its luxurious journey.

The Opulence team continues to grow—sales incentives included.

The Opulence team continues to grow—incentives included.

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