Use Cases

The digital tipping alternative

We combined a Visa® card, mobile wallet and platform to make cashless payments instant and seamless.

Cashless tip payouts made simple

TruTips provides cashless tip-outs and brand loyalty experiences for service companies and their staff. Our app-based wallet makes set-up simple for employers, administrators and employees by connecting to companies' existing software.

  • Offer cashless digital tipping options
  • Reward staff for selling certain brands
  • Powerful APIs make integration simple

See how digital tipping works

Our Visa® cards, mobile wallets and easy-to-use platform make cashless payments instant and seamless. Offer touch-free payments to your drivers, servers and staff via digital cards.

  • Touch-free cards can be used like cash at in-store and online locations
  • Automatically load tips daily, weekly or monthly
  • Cashless options minimize face-to-face interactions for management and staff

Smarter payouts

Using our integrated solution, employers can transfer tips instantly to a secure and convenient mobile-enabled prepaid card after each shift.

  • Immediate and secure digital tipping solution
  • No cheques or cash to handle, tips are loaded automatically
  • Spend where Visa® is accepted in-store and online

Perks with unlimited potential

Reward waitstaff with points for selling certain brands or products, which they accumulate in the TruCash mobile wallet. Staff members can spend their points using their prepaid cards either online or in-stores.

Feature Overview


Cashless Alternatives

Go cashless with digital tips delivered on an internationally accepted Visa® card, complete with a mobile wallet.

Easy to Manage

Flexible funding allows you to automatically load tips daily, weekly or monthly.

Rewards Built-in

Offer rewards, bonuses, incentives, outstanding-achievement awards and more.