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Spokesperson and Businesswoman Mira Tzur Joins TruUniverse as a VP for Press and Media

By November 6, 2023February 15th, 2024No Comments5 min read

Mira Tzur, an American-Israeli actress, award-winning author, and entrepreneur, is making strides in the fintech industry by collaborating with TruUniverse. The company develops and implements slick payment and reward solutions for businesses at scale. Mira Tzur joined TruUniverse in the role of Vice President for Press and Media, leveraging her incredibly wide connections across different industries, including entertainment, business, beauty, and media.

In an open, heartfelt conversation, Mira shares her insights into her entrepreneurial journey, the nuances of navigating the world of fintech, and her plans for the future of the game-changing collaboration with TruUniverse.

Stepping into the Magical Space of Fintech

It’s not the first time Mira has shifted her business landscape into different industries. In fact, she’s been the face and brand ambassador for a variety of the Fortune 500 companies and has expanded their territory presence worldwide. Her most recent involvement is with P448, where she was able to secure full distribution in Israel, Turkey, and Canada. This Italian fashion footwear brand (partnered with Mark Wahlberg) is known for their social responsibility in a sustainable market, using lionfish skin to enhance their unique shoe design. 

Mira is also the founder and visionary behind One Circle Productions, a full-service consulting and management group. In other words, Ms. Tzur is a seasoned businesswoman who regularly brushes shoulders with successful entrepreneurs from various niches, borrowing from their expertise and experience.

However, a joint venture with TruUniverse is something new to Mira, and she’s excited to delve deeper into this realm. In a world that’s increasingly going cashless, innovations in fintech offer a multitude of fantastic opportunities for growth, technological progress, and better quality of life for fintech service users (which, let’s be honest, we all are). 

“Thus, due to the volume of my network, I realized how much I can help businesses grow their bottom line revenue with innovative solutions while helping people improve financial literacy,” shares Mira.

Her collaboration with TruUniverse does indeed look like a perfect match. The company is seeking to increase its global reach and bring its top-notch solutions to new audiences, and Mira Tzur is known for her far-reaching network of connections with experts, industry leaders, and even government representatives all around the world. What Mira also brings to the table is her ability to find the right market opportunities in unexpected places and contexts, helping TruUniverse leverage its potential with new strategic decisions.

Building Effective Media Strategies for TruUniverse

Mira confesses that creating a strong media and outreach strategy for a fintech project comes with its own set of unique challenges: 

“In such broad market space as financial technology, it is challenging to individualize programs to different sectors so that the company as a whole can stand out from the crowd with attractive diversified solutions.” 

Mira is approaching every step of her media strategy carefully, taking into consideration the specifics of the industry, the needs of potential and existing customers, and the brand image TruUniverse strives to craft and maintain. 

Another distinct obstacle Mira and TruUniverse team had to overcome is the fact that the majority of the company’s leadership team is driven by female executives in a still male-dominated space of fintech. “As it happens, we had to work twice as hard and foster the atmosphere of equality and inclusivity both our partners and clients would recognize, welcome, and respect,” confesses Mira.

Tapping into Mira’s High-Value Network

As a VP for Press and Media, Mira Tzur knows how important it is to reach out to the right people and outlets to promote a business. With TruUniverse, a company that specializes in payment solutions, she quickly realized that fostering international partnerships is crucial to helping the brand expand on a global scale. 

Probably the most promising prospect of the collaboration is the expansion of TruUniverse to new countries and regions. “We have been very successful in North America, so our next collaboration opportunities are with governments and banks in places like the Middle East, Europe, and Asian countries.

Mira also recognizes the value of creating brand-new industry solutions and approaches and actively engages with fintech pros to bring new product ideas to TruUniverse. The considerations include issuing branded debit cards, pre-paid gift cards, and slick loyalty programs to enhance customer experience. This is what will help the brand stand out from the competition, increase revenue, and become the pioneering fintech solutions provider in the industry. 

What’s Next for the Collaboration?

Mira Tzur is determined to strengthen the massive growth potential of the brand and considers this collaboration a great entrepreneurial achievement. In fact, Mira loves that this venture is a touch away from her other business initiatives as it gives her the chance to explore and find new areas of development. 

Although I’d never worked in fintech prior to this amazing collaboration, I feel that this space is organically intertwined with my other areas of expertise, as I share my experiences from media, fashion, and film productions.” 

Mira is proud to enrich the company, adding to the team’s technical savvy with her fresh leading contacts, as well as a new look for the media and press coverage as their active spokesperson. As a true citizen of the world, holding a dual passport and speaking several languages, Ms. Tzur is adding new synergies with international companies looking for great cashless payment solutions. She has already brought TruUniverse to Asia, Israel, and  Saudi Arabia’s thriving markets, and this is only the beginning of Mira’s bold plans to ignite the company’s success worldwide. 

Originally posted on NYWire Published by: Benedict James