Offer the rewards your guests really want.

Launch one-time or recurring promotions with our branded and flexible, universally accepted, prepaid cards.

Tour Incentives

Help encourage guests to attend your sales presentation or tours!

Employee Referrals

Incentivize new hires or existing employees who recruit on behalf of your company!

Owner Referrals

Motivate clients to convert their peers into owners!

…and more!

Serving the best in the industry

TruCash for Vacation Ownership

Tour Incentives, Owner Referrals and More

Give up on impersonal, boring rewards. Deliver the right tour-incentive, referral or owner reward every-time with branded, physical or virtual cards accepted at millions of locations around the world.

  • Launch scalable programs in days, not months
  • Cards accepted at millions of locations
  • Detailed reporting dashboard built-in
  • Unlimited customization
  • Real-time loading
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Unlimited Customization

Create a branded card program with custom user flows, portals, apps, and materials—or opt for the award-winning TruCash generic card

Universally Accepted

Globally accepted cards give recipients unparalleled spending flexibility, complete with virtual, physical or mobile access.

Real-time Conversion

Load your prepaid cards with any dollar amount, from any location, in real-time. Funds on the cards are available immediately.

Competitive Pricing

TruCash offers a very competitive pricing model based on annual dollar spend.

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