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Timeshare Solutions

Launch a variety of one-time or recurring promotions with our branded and flexible, universally accepted Prepaid Visa® cards.

Tour Incentives, Owner Referrals and More

Give up on impersonal, boring rewards. Deliver the right tour-incentive, referral or owner reward every-time with branded, physical or virtual cards accepted at millions of locations.

Employee Rewards

Incentivize employees for new client recruitment, awards and more.

Tour Incentives

Help encourage guests to attend your sales presentation or tours with flexible, branded incentives.

Owner Referrals

Motivate clients to convert peers into owners with incentives for referring friends and family.

Turn clients into advocates

  • Launch large-scale virtual or physical card programs in weeks, not months
  • Ultimate flexibility through universally accepted Visa® prepaid cards
  • Detailed reporting and card management dashboard built-in
  • Unlimited customization options

Unlimited Customization

Create a branded card program with custom user flows, portals, apps, and materials - or opt for a quick-issue generic card

Universally Accepted

Prepaid cards give recipients unparalleled spending flexibility complete with online and mobile access.

Real-time Conversion

Load cards with any dollar amount, from any location, in real-time. Funds are available instantly.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing based on annual dollar spend.

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What does Tru do?

Tru, is a Canadian-based, female-led Marketing company set on a mission to disrupt and innovate the worldwide payment ecosystem using our innovative bank-agnostic FinTech platform.

We re-imagine loyalty and payments combining 30+ years experience with the vast capabilities of our bank-agnostic FinTech platform.

What is the Tru Card?

The Tru Prepaid Card is not a credit card. It is a prepaid, stored value payment card. Once funds are deposited on your card, you can make purchases, in-store or online, for goods and services at millions of locations worldwide where Visa® is accepted, subject to our Partner Bank restrictions.

How can Tru solutions impact my bottom line?

Our company aims to build smarter, best-in-class disbursement solutions using the latest in fintech technology designed to deliver more rewarding, user friendly-experiences, that impact both the well-being and daily lives of our clients and customers, all from a single source.

In 2001, our founders had the vision to enhance traditional rewards and loyalty—one that provided real-time gratification while helping businesses reduce inefficiencies and gain a clearer understanding of their clients.

Today, we work with a growing network of over 500 brands across different industries, helping them manage and disburse billions of dollars to over millions of cardholders worldwide.

  • Award Winning Provider
  • Prepaid Industry Pioneer
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Partnership Approach
  • Personal Touch

What can we provide your company?

Customizable Funds Access
Distribute cards that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, including ATMs and retail outlets. Configure your program to allow or restrict access via geo-location or merchant categories.

Reloadable Payments
Reload cards up to a maximum balance of $5,500 at any given time. Add additional funds at any time, as needed in real-time.

Spend Restrictions
Merchant Category Code (MCC) and geo restrictions, allow purchases to be limited to specific merchant types based on each individual partner’s needs.

Virtual Card Option
With Virtual cards, recipients can instantly claim and use a virtual card online.

Offer cash-back offers at hundreds of eligible merchant locations, earn points on your card that convert to cash.

Mobile Access 
Extend payment features and card management while gaining an extra added layer of security protection.

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