Modernizing Military Payments

Instantly deliver recurring funds, regardless of time or location, through a multi-use, internationally accepted, and secure payment method.


  • Reduce cost and administration
  • Instant payment disbursement and quick reconciliation
  • Access funds at any location that accepts Visa, subject to our partner banking restrictions
  • Deliver expenses, benefits distribution, per diem payments, petty cash, advances and more.
  • Enable quicker, more efficient and cost effective payments for active military, former military and their families.

Finally, solutions designed for you

Modernize your payments

In comparison to cheques, co-brand Visa cards are electronically loaded each month helping reduce administration and cost, while introducing a more flexible, track-able, and secure payment method that is accepted all over the world.

Turn service members into advocates

Using our powerful platform organizations can create multiple card types under one roof. Active and former service members can utilize funds quickly and easily for military support programs, expenses, benefits, per diem payments, petty cash and more.

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