Welcome to

the digital future

Welcome to

the digital future

Join 500+ businesses that use TruCash digital solutions and APIs to reward and activate customers in real-time.

Join 500+ businesses that use TruCash digital solutions and APIs to reward and activate customers in real-time.

Where Digital Meets Innovation.

We have combined the safety and soundness of traditional loyalty with the technology, client-focus, and relevancy of a modern digital transformation company.

Corporate Incentives.
Real-time Recognition.
Motivate Teams.
Enhance Visibility.
IT Teams
Single APIs.
Mobile Development.
TruCash for Marketing Teams

Incentives for every reason, season or lifestyle

Give up on impersonal, boring rewards. Deliver the right incentive every-time with the flexible rewards, accepted at millions of locations around the world.
TruCash cards are to be used at any location where Visa is accepted subject to our Partner Bank restrictions.

TruCash for Marketing Teams

Real-time Loyalty Conversion

Foster, enrich and retain long-term loyalty with our award-winning points-to-cash platform. Attract and retain more clients with flexible parameters for any size of businesses.

TruCash for Operations / HR

Offer rewards your staff actually want

Improve engagement and build a culture of excellence across your entire organization. On-the-spot rewards provide instant gratification, great for staff recognition, events, commissions, bonuses and more.

TruCash for Operations Teams

Corporate disbursements in real-time

Quickly distribute funds, issue cards, manage transactions and define program options at any scale. Customize program restrictions and control how funds are spent.

TruCash for IT Teams

Mobile wallet ready

Enjoy built-in mobile accessibility via our balance, wallet and points-ready apps. 

TruCash for IT Teams

Powerful APIs

Integrate our suite of APIs with your existing payment technology. Launch an affordable, feature-rich program in weeks, not months.

Tourism rewards prove their worth in real-time.
TruCash for Operations

Full spend visibility

Track cardholder spending by location, merchant, date and more from one interactive dashboard. Share insights to make data-driven decisions and improve future promotions.

I'm a Telecom looking launch large-scale promotions

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I'm a Timeshare looking to engage my guests

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I'm an Employer looking to motivate my staff

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We’re changing the game. Join the revolution.

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