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Employee Incentives

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards: How to Motivate Employees

When you think about getting rewarded at work, a raise or holiday bonus may come to mind. But there are many different…
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A deeper dive into the benefits of Virtual Prepaid Cards
Branded Incentives: Should Your Business Offer Them?
What is “Quiet Quitting” and how can you, as a business, overcome it?
Contactless payment at a storefront.
7 Ways Businesses Use Prepaid Cards
Happy young woman shopping online with credit card
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Employee Gift Ideas: 5 Ways to Reward Staff with Prepaid Cards
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Introducing the Mobility Wallet (MW): A collaborative transportation solution for residents of South LA

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South L.A. residents can get $150 a month in transit funds. What you need to know

In a city as car-dependent as Los Angeles, people who can’t drive or can’t afford a vehicle of their own are at…

A Partnership Between Tourism, Business Events And Our Community

Banff Canmore Foundation (BCF) has partnered with Banff and Lake Louise Tourism (BLLT) and TruCash to help visitors connect with Banff and…

Mississauga Tourism Encouraging Local Tourism With Prepaid Visa Cards

Mississauga tourism is getting a nice boost. DCR Strategies Inc. |TruCash (DCR), one of Canada’s leading payments solution providers of branded payment…
Products & Updates
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Take Transit Get Rewarded: TruUniverse Teams Up With Metro Transportation Authorities Worldwide

The rising cost of living has made it difficult for some to afford basic transportation costs, Metro Micro vans, regional transportation, like…
ICSC Vegas 2023

TruUniverse (Tru) Introduces Revolutionary Gift Card Platform for Property Managements & Shopping Malls at ICSC Las Vegas

Tru Universe, a leading provider of loyalty programs and Visa prepaid cards, recently co-hosted a well-attended executive leadership reception and dinner at…

Anonymously Famous(TM) and TruUniverse Announce Partnership, Roll Out Influencer Payments with Luxury Prepaid Card

Anonymously Famous(TM), a Brand Developed by Mira Tzur, and TruUniverse, are Happy to Announce a Partnership Rolling Out an Influencer Payment Platform…
Industry Insights
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Program Success Checklist: 10 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Card Program

What are prepaid cards? Prepaid card programs involve the issuance and management of prepaid cards, which are payment cards preloaded with a…

6 Ways Prepaid Can Boost Business Operations

Custom prepaid cards have emerged as a game-changing tool, providing businesses with a powerful means to promote efficiency across various aspects of…

Revolutionizing Business Payments: The Power of Custom Prepaid Cards

In an increasingly digital and cashless society, prepaid cards have emerged as a versatile and convenient financial tool. Offering a range of…

Understanding MCC Codes: Enhancing Purchase Restrictions in Closed Loop Payment Programs

Introduction Closed loop payment programs offer businesses and organizations a convenient way to manage and track transactions within their own ecosystem. To…

Revolutionizing Public Transportation: Innovative Transit Agencies Embrace Prepaid Cards

In the digital age, where convenience and efficiency are paramount, transit agencies around the world are revolutionizing the way people travel by…
Mall Gift Cards

Revolutionary Platform Reaches Record Breaking Profits with New Customized Platform For Gift Cards And Loyalty

In the realm of retail and shopping malls, staying ahead means catering to diverse audiences and adapting to changing consumer preferences. A…

Financial Balance and Wellness: Your Guide to Taking Back Financial Control

In an era where mental health awareness is gaining momentum, innovative solutions are emerging to address the complex interplay between financial well-being…

Closed Loop vs. Open: choosing the right gift card program for your business

Gift cards have become increasingly popular as a way for businesses to boost sales and attract new customers. They offer a convenient…

Exploring the World of Timeshares and Innovative Marketing Strategies

Are you familiar with timeshares? Better yet, do you know how to book a tour to explore what timeshares have to offer?…

7 Ways Businesses Can Use Contactless Payments Instead Of Cash

Both businesses and customers are trading in their cash for new payment solutions. Cash use has declined in recent years due to…

Accelerating Client Incentives: The Speed and Efficiency of Virtual Prepaid Cards

Introduction In the business world, client incentives play a crucial role in fostering loyalty, driving sales, and strengthening relationships. However, traditional methods…

5 Ways Vacation Ownership Businesses Can Use Prepaid Cards to Streamline Sales

Prepaid cards are the ultimate incentive to grow your business in the travel ownership industry, including the campground, RV, timeshare, and hotel…

Incentives Without Travel? 3 Ways to Motivate Now

Incentive travel is an important subcategory of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry, used by many companies as a perk…

20 Ways To Improve Your Customer Loyalty Program

Looking for new ways to improve your customer loyalty program? There isn’t just one specific way to ensure that your loyalty program…

5 Strategies for Generating Client Referrals with Financial Incentives

What is a referral program, and why are referrals important? A referral-based marketing strategy uses word-of-mouth and client recommendations to earn new…

Tru’s Partnership with Blacks™ Uses Influencer Marketing to Drive Traffic and Increase Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing has become a powerful advertising tool, experiencing exponential growth over the past few years. Many companies have capitalized on its…

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