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A viral TikTok video addressed the term, which has since gone viral, leading to many people wondering, “What is ‘Quiet Quitting’?” It encompasses how people approach their professional lives to avoid burnout but is essentially a commitment to life beyond the workplace. It sets boundaries like clocking out on time, limiting your daily responsibilities to only those on your job description, and no overtime.

Not only have employers been affected by The Great Resignation, which saw people leaving or switching professions as they evaluated their relationship to work during a pandemic, but even the employees who have remained steadfast at their companies are silently doing less.

Employees are feeling undervalued and transactional, and it’s forcing employers to adapt. You might be asking, what can I do? Studies show that offering the right incentives spark intrinsic motivation.

 What kind of incentives can you offer to avoid ‘Quiet Quitting’?

Offering a monetary reward for doing, completing, or meeting a goal increases an employee’s autonomy and feeling of competence. The reward-based model offers the feeling of choice in one’s work which results in higher task/activity interest and performance.

What kind of incentive programs can I do with Prepaid Cards?

There are many ways to motivate employees through an incentive program. You could send a one-time thank you reward to all employees, bonusing them to show appreciation. You can use it as a sales SPIF to reward sales teams every time they reach a goal. Hitting sales targets can be difficult when you’re feeling burnout. A tiered monetary reward is a simple solution for all sales teams. Some companies have started “Perks and Benefits” cards to spend at specific merchants like gas stations or public transit to offset the rising prices. With some employees working hybrid or back in-office, offering a branded “Perks and Benefits” card incentivizes them to come in when their commute is covered.

Why should I use Prepaid Cards?

With complete branding customization, you can offer personalized incentives accepted wherever Visa is. There are options for virtual or physical cards that allow you to reward one-time or an infinite amount through a reloadable program. You can instantly and easily load cards, and employees can comfortably spend their earnings online or in-store, pay bills, do bank transfers, or earn points-to-cash.

What else does a Tru incentive program offer?

Not only does a Tru incentive program offer a great reward to employees, but it also offers interactive reports to the employers. Employers can limit where users can use cards and get interactive reports that provide real-time, in-depth insights into how employees use their rewards.

Need more information on motivating employees that are “Quiet Quitting”? Reach out to us today!