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Take Transit Get Rewarded: TruUniverse Teams Up With Metro Transportation Authorities Worldwide

By June 14, 2024June 21st, 2024No Comments4 min read

Transportation is a major part of daily life and impacts people who rely on it for daily activities, like getting to and from school, work, errands, and much more.  The quality of life can be improved with the variety of public transportation available, along with one streamlined payment card. Commuters can feel more at ease about their options when they can pay for travel using a singular prepaid card, which includes ride-share companies, buses, and trains. 

The rising cost of living has made it difficult for some to afford basic transportation costs, Metro Micro vans, regional transportation, like Metrolink and Amtrak; private buses, such as Greyhound and Flix Bus, and ride shares, like Uber and Lyft. Therefore, a subsidized program for travel is ideal for empowering daily travelers to pay for different modes of transportation. Individuals can use one card, loaded with a travel allowance, to pay for trips on the above-mentioned transport, FlyAway, also rent scooters, and pay for services or products in bicycle shops. 

Since its launch, in partnership with Tru Universe (Tru), the Mobility Wallet (MW) in May 2023, over 1,000 prepaid cards have been distributed to residents who qualify for subsidized transportation benefits.  Of the participants, 900 were selected through the online application process, while 100 were enrolled during eight in-person bilingual Mobility Wallet workshops held in conjunction with community-based organizations.

“Bringing such instrumental initiatives for communities has been one of our rewarding feedback at TruUniverse , since inception the company thrives on finding solutions to monetary  problems by incorporating its technology, and marketing award strategy with all our affiliates,” says Mira Tzur, Senior Vice President of Tru Universe. 

As a company, Tru cares about the exponential effect of its programs on people.  Beyond products and services,  Tru facilitates a process to help  connect the distributor of funds to the end user and learn about their experiences.  With evolving technology and adaptable features, Tru strives to enhance the transportation industry in communities and all other interconnected sectors.  Bettering the lives of people makes business much more meaningful, thus positively impacting the world.

We are very pleased to gain the opportunity to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Los Angeles and surrounding communities. Our mission is to partner with, and help ease the payments pathway for innovators like Metro,” said Lisette Anciaes, Senior Program Director at Tru. “By unlocking opportunities for industry partnership and pilot demonstrations, the evolution of innovation, investment, and strategic partnerships leads to a stronger transit ecosystem,” explains Anciaes.

About Tru Universe

Tru Universe (Tru) is a Canada-based, female-led FinTech on a mission to disrupt and innovate the global payment-space using a single payment platform to modernize transactions, reduce costs, generate revenue, and build brands.  The Tru platform revolutionizes traditional rewards with end-to-end customization and valuable customer insights, helping businesses increase engagement and growth.

In partnership with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and the L.A. Department of Transportation (LADOT), Tru is issuing prepaid debit cards in support of an innovative program that helps the environment, by encouraging ride sharing and public transportation.  The Mobility Wallet program provides a transportation allowance to any household who qualifies for subsidized living.

By contracting LA Metro to support the program, Tru leverages its expertise in global payment methods providing tech-based cashless solutions.  Tru has been the leading force for this practical green solution.  Importantly, this program has helped reduce traffic volume in Los Angeles, adding unique localized promotions, enhancing transportation access in order to elevate the quality of life for its users. 

The Mobility Wallet (MW) pilot program was designed for 10 ZIP codes in South L.A. to provide an all-in-one platform to pay for multiple modes of transportation.  The program, the largest of its kind in the nation, is administered by Metro and LADOT.  This pilot program provides $150 per month in subsidies for use on transportation, such as Metro Rail and Bus, Blue LA EV car share, rideshare, Metrolink, bike share, scooters and more. The Mobility Wallet is funded by the California Air Resources Board Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP).  STEP is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment — particularly in disadvantaged communities.  The MW pilot program serves approximately 2,000 subscribers, with 1,000 wallets distributed and 1,000 more to follow.

The Mobility Wallet allows commuters to ride public transportation such as buses, trains, bikes, and ride shares.  Fortunately, community planning and government programs have created options for individuals and families who qualify for subsidized travel benefits.  Furthermore, community transportation programs are including more green initiatives to help the environment.

Originally posted on US Business News Staff Written by Ina Bochian