Create Unique Payment Products

Co-Brand Card Issuing

Create branded cards to drive sales, enhance promotions & deliver instant funds to staff, vendors and clients.

Optimize your business payments

Our platform to enables companies to easily launch and manage multiple reward, incentive, payment, or loyalty programs with increased speed and flexibility. Combine your prepaid card program with a mobile wallet, loyalty component, surcharge-free ATM network and more.

The all-in-one platform to fuel your growth

Fully Customized

Create a branded card program with custom user flows, portals, apps, and materials—or opt for the award-winning TruCash generic card.

Flexible Features

Flexible restrictions and parameters ensure your payment solution is as unique as your business.

Millions of Uses

Pay employees, consumers, vendors or unbanked individuals with our customized digital solution.

Accepted at Visa Locations

Cards accepted at locations where Visa® products are accepted, subject to our partner bank restrictions.

Unparalleled Access

With white-label portals and mobile wallets, cardholders can check balances, transaction history, and user information easily.

Interactive Reporting

Customized reporting tools deliver actionable insights, fully aligned with your program goals.

Why Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid cards are a convenient and secure way to carry, manage and spend funds. It’s safer and easier to use than other forms of payment.

Choose your card, choose your program:

  • EMV Chip cards – Enable contactless tap and pay at merchants that support Visa contactless cards.
  • Virtual Cards – Designed for use online, these cards can be sent via email to any recipient in seconds.
  • Mag Strip Cards – Enable swipe and pay functionality.

Exceed expectations with custom options

  • Single-Use or Reloadable – Get more out of your cards by enabling single or multiple loads, points and more.
  • Open or Closed Loop Cards – Define spend controls for how, when, and where your cards can be used.
  • Mobile, Virtual or Physical – Create mobile, virtual or physical card experiences to increase cardholder adoption and reduce fraud.
  • Instant Issue or Mail-Out – Instantly issue prepaid cards over the counter or mail them to your cardholders.
  • Activity Reporting – Interactive, real-time reports help you track program success.

Choose your program options

  • Single load or reloadable cards available
  • Customized embossing 2 lines up to 21 characters
  • Choose from TruCash branded cards or opt for a completely customized program
  • Customized marketing materials available
  • Easy online ordering tool
  • Fast order processing
  • Flexible card denominations
  • Built-in mobile app

The reward platform built for the future

Surcharge-Free ATMs

TruCash cardholders gain access to over 8,000 ATMs with no fee charges.

Points Built-in

Our unique loyalty component issues points that convert to cash directly on the card.

Contactless Cards

NFC Technology enables users to tap their cards at merchants displaying the contactless Visa logo.

Let’s Get Started

Create a payment program as unique as your business.