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Card Tolerance

Card Tolerance

When using your card at certain locations, such as restaurants, hotels, or other venues that often include a tip or surcharge, merchants may add in a tolerance amount – a preauthorization of up to 20% or more – so please ensure you have sufficient funds on the card.

Example: If your total bill at a restaurant is $50, the card may be preauthorized for $50 + 20%. Although you will only be charged for the actual total that is signed for, you will need an available balance of at least $60 on the card for the transaction to be approved.

If your total, after adding in the tolerance amount, exceeds the balance on the card, it will be declined.

Also note that when purchasing gas, many gas stations will not allow prepaid cards to be used at the pump; payments must be made in-store with the cashier.

Cash Back (Point of Sale): Please be advised that cash back at the Point Of Sale is not available with this card.


For any other questions, please visit the TruCash Help Center.