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Industry Solutions


Replace existing paper-based programs and develop more meaningful and direct relationships with constituents.


  • Costly inefficiencies in antiquated operations
  • No easy and effective way to disburse public benefits


  • DCR Strategies’ Global Issuing Platform, utilizing a co-brand Visa prepaid card.
  • Create a system that streamlines business processes for payments and reduces the workload on administration


Federal, Provincial & Municipal governments actively use prepaid for:

  • Travel Programs
  • Expense Management Programs
  • Payroll & Incentives

Broader public sector organizations including NGOs and not-for-profits apply prepaid solutions for administering:

  • Pensions & Social Security
  • Public Assistance Benefits
  • Emergency Assistance / Disaster Relief
  • Tax Refunds

Prepaid for Public Sector Payments

Efficient, Flexible, and Secure.

We make it easy for government agencies to distribute benefits, emergency payments, temporary worker payments, and other government-to-constituent payments.

John Doe
VP of Marketing

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