TruCash Platform

Our proprietary on-demand card loading, inventory management and reporting platform helps deliver scalable card programs in a flash.

  • Enable real-time card loading from any internet connected device
  • On-demand issuance and inventory management built-in
  • Detailed reporting with multiple user-access levels
  • Receipt printing at the point-of-sale
  • Quick launch window

Manage hundreds of stores, user access, card inventory, card loading and offers with ease.

Increase Speed

On-demand platforms speed card ordering time to days, not months.

Build any promotion

Easily create seasonal, timed or branded promotions on the fly.

Enable your staff

Enable every level of staff to manage, service and deliver incentives when and how they need.

On-Demand Card Delivery

On-demand card ordering platform reduces card order time from 3-4 months to 7-10 days (*5-7 days rush order). Create promotions, seasonal offers and more on the fly.

Automatic Card Fulfillment

Easily create and manage multiple thresholds per region or store, auto order cards on-demand across thousands of users and hundreds of stores.

Real-time Card Loading

Real-time card loading, via barcode scan or proxy number, complete with receipt printing at the point-of-sale.

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