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5 Successful Travel Incentive Programs Using Prepaid Cards

By February 15, 2024March 21st, 2024No Comments4 min read

If your travel company is looking to deliver a creative travel incentive, implement a unique loyalty program, or offer an efficient expense system, look no further.

The Tru- Tru Universe prepaid card and payment platform replace traditional payment methods for travel, tour, and timeshare companies. These brands can give monetary or points rewards to sales agents, customers, tour attendees, and staff members from one award-winning travel incentive platform.

In addition to decreasing administrative and marketing costs, the Tru program provides additional marketing and communication opportunities with the cardholder, improving your chances of re-capturing leads and closing more sales. Here are the top five examples of travel and tourism businesses that used the Tru platform to take flight with incentives!

1. Air Transat: BonBon

Tru and Transat Tours Canada banded together to motivate travel agents to use a coalition of Transat travel partners. The BONBON Loyalty Program was designed to help augment the income of travel consultants while providing a safe and efficient method to distribute incentives to agents across Canada. Agents simply book, earn, and spend—it’s that easy.

Travel agents earn rewards on all Transat bookings, including travel packages, coach tours, cruises, flights, à la carte accommodation, and car rentals, while benefiting from Transat’s buying power, comparative pricing, and excellent customer service. The best part is that there’s no limit to the number of rewards an agent can earn. The rewards are loaded directly onto their BONBON Tru cards, which can be used anywhere they normally shop.

For over ten years, the BONBON program has rewarded over 34,000 consultants across North America and increased sales by over 27% for Transat Tours Canada.

We worked with Transat Tours Canada to motivate travel agents to use a coalition of Transat travel partners.

2. Diamond Resorts & Hotels

Diamond Resorts offers fractional ownership, timeshare properties, and resort vacations to their customers. Customers who attend sales presentations for their resorts and timeshare properties are given a Tru prepaid card, loaded with a predetermined amount, as part of their welcome kit. The card also acts as a loyalty or referral card for upcoming tours and promotions.

The Diamond Resorts Prepaid Visa Card offers added security, convenience, and cost savings for Diamond Resorts and its members. The cards eliminate the possibility of lost or stolen funds, and each card has an online account where funds are securely deposited, stored and managed. Diamond Resorts Cards can be used to make purchases at restaurants, retail shops, golf courses, spas, and more.

3. American Resorts International: ARI

American Resorts International has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality and vacation ownership industry. The brand goes beyond traditional timeshares by offering ultimate flexibility and everyday savings.

ARI replaced their old cheque-based system with the ARI-branded Mastercard for a variety of incentive, retention, and promotional campaigns. Customers received a single-use, preloaded incentive card as a reward for attending tours, meetings, and dinners, or for becoming an ARI Timeshare customer.


The IMAGINE Travel Agent Loyalty Program incentivizes travel consultants by rewarding them with points on every qualified booking purchased from SkyLink Travel. Once points have been accumulated, they can be converted to cash directly on the agents IMAGINE Tru prepaid cards. Agents can then use their cards to shop, either in-store, online or to access funds at millions of ATMs worldwide.

As an IMAGINE cardholder, agents can take advantage of special savings and earn more points at hundreds of online merchants, making this loyalty program the most extensive available to travel agents in Canada. The IMAGINE Travel Agent Loyalty Program was chosen as the winner of the 2009 Paybefore Awards for Best B2B Corporate Funded Program Category.

5. AMPLIFIED Rewards (Hard Rock)

AMPLIFIED Rewards is an innovative incentive program designed to reward and create loyalty with travel agencies and agents. The program includes various Hard Rock Hotel locations in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Punta Cana, and rewards agents for bookings and offers exclusive benefits. Rewards are granted through an online payment card once the guests have checked out from any of their participating resorts. The Hard Rock Hotels Prepaid Mastercard can be used at millions of locations around the world, for spending on anything they want. Truly a win-win for both Hard Rock and their “amped power agents”.

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