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Exploring the World of Timeshares and Innovative Marketing Strategies

By May 3, 2024No Comments3 min read

Are you familiar with timeshares? Better yet, do you know how to book a tour to explore what timeshares have to offer? Timeshares have become a popular choice for frequent travelers, offering a consistent and comfortable place to stay while ensuring access to desirable locations. In this article, we delve into the world of timeshares and explore innovative marketing strategies aimed at attracting and retaining potential buyers.

The Allure of Timeshares

Timeshares provide a familiar location for travelers, offering a sense of home away from home during their adventures. Unlike traditional accommodations, vacation ownership properties assure a consistent and comfortable place to stay, eliminating the hassle of finding new lodging in different destinations. As the timeshare market gains momentum in this post-pandemic era, sellers are faced with the challenge of enticing potential buyers to attend tours and presentations. Historically, prospective buyers have been hesitant to participate in these events, posing a significant obstacle for timeshare sellers.

The beauty of any sales marketing strategist teaming up with Tru, especially in the travel and timeshares industry, is that having rewards and incentives encourages participation from prospective clients,” says Mira Tzur, Senior Vice President of Tru. 

Innovative Solutions: The Role of Incentive Cards

To address the challenge of attracting and retaining customers, the use of incentive cards, particularly prepaid cards, has emerged as the solution. Tru (Tru Universe), a female-led payment solution provider that pioneered the prepaid industry with 30+ years of experience. Their expertise has enabled them to develop tailored programs within the timeshare industry, leveraging these incentive cards to drive customer engagement and sales.

Tru’s Incentive Programs

Tru’s Tour Incentive Program, Owner Referral Program, and Employee Incentive Program are designed to revolutionize the timeshare industry’s approach to marketing and sales.

  • Tour Incentive Program:
    • This program offers prepaid incentives to encourage potential buyers to attend sales presentations or tours. By providing these incentives, the program not only attracts potential buyers but also fosters a positive brand perception, reinforcing the company’s commitment to exceptional customer experiences.
  • Owner Referral Program:
    • Through peer-to-peer referrals, existing customers are incentivized to advocate for timeshares, expanding the brand’s reach and creating a dynamic ecosystem.
  • Employee Incentive Program:
    • By offering prepaid incentives to new hires and existing employees who recruit new talent, this program helps the company attract top talent and cultivates a sense of loyalty and engagement among its workforce.

“Timeshares not only provide amazing accommodation, they also offer incentives to those interested in the market.” says Lisette Anciaes, the Senior Program Director at Tru.

The Power of Prepaid Cards in Selling Vacation Properties

In the competitive landscape of selling vacation properties like timeshares, providing prepaid cards as incentives to attend tours and presentations can significantly enhance the success rate. These cards serve as powerful motivators for potential buyers, encouraging them to take the crucial first step in exploring the benefits of owning a timeshare. By offering valuable incentives, sellers can increase their chances of capturing the attention and interest of individuals who may have otherwise been hesitant or skeptical.

As the timeshare market continues to evolve, innovative marketing strategies, such as the use of incentive cards, are proving to be instrumental in driving customer engagement and sales. By embracing these strategies, timeshare companies can better position themselves to attract and retain customers in an increasingly competitive market.

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Originally posted on US Reporter Written by M. Talwar– Published by Aize Perez

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