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Riding into the Future: How TruUniverse is Changing the Game with the Mobility Wallet Program

By April 16, 2024June 21st, 2024No Comments4 min read
Mobility Wallet

Tru (TruUniverse) is revolutionizing public transportation by partnering with metro systems worldwide. This collaboration goes beyond simply selling rides. The company is teaming up with metropolitan metro systems to make riding the bus or subway more than just riding the bus or subway. By getting more passengers on board, Tru’s initiatives aim to tackle three major issues that are challenging our cities: increased traffic, environmental impact and lack of community outreach. This means smoother commutes for everyone, a greener future for our planet, and strengthened community support. The partnership is a win-win for commuters and the environment!

Tru has joined forces with partners in the transportation sector to aid in creating various incentivized programs. One initiative in particular is the Mobility Wallet (MW). The Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s (LADOT) Mobility Wallet program is specifically designed for transportation systems serving the South Los Angeles area. “The MW is a prepaid debit card that is loaded with $150 per month for 12 months (May 2023 – April 2024) that allows one person, or several members of the same household, to pay for public or private transportation,” explains The Source

By developing an innovative payment platform, Tru has become a leader in shaping the future of public transportation. “Creating and developing such instrumental initiatives for communities has been the most rewarding part of what Tru does as a company to solve problems through the collaborative process, technology, and marketing,” says Mira Tzur, Senior Vice President of Tru. 

The launch of the program in March 2023 has grown in success, with over 1,000 debit cards being distributed amongst the community. Application for the MW was initiated online, where individuals who qualified for the program could register and receive their custom prepaid debit card. “Participants must be at least 18 years old to qualify in addition to meeting eligibility requirements, such as self-certifying their income and living in one of 10 qualifying southern Los Angeles zip codes,” states the LA Metro website. 

“It allows you to ride: public transportation, such as buses, trains, bike shares, and Metro Micro vans; regional transportation, like Metrolink and Amtrak; private buses, such as Greyhound and Flix Bus, and shared rides, like Uber and Lyft. You can also use the card to pay for trips on the FlyAway, rent scooters, and pay for services or products in bicycle shops,” as summarized in the article Introducing the Mobility Wallet (MW): A Collaborative Transportation Solution for residents of South LA. 

The MW program has caused quite a stir within the transportation sector. The success of LADOT’s initiative in highlighting and incentivizing public transportation has allowed them to exceed their expected results. “The mobility wallet will serve approximately 2,000 subscribers for one year, making Los Angeles’ MW program the largest of its kind in the nation,” as stated on the LADOT website. The good news keeps rolling in! This innovative program is doing so well that Phase II is launching. Those wondering how to take advantage of the MW initiative can look to Tru. As a pioneer in the prepaid payment card industry for over 30 years, the company’s experience in building, maintaining, fulfilling, and overseeing programs makes Tru a one-stop shop.

As technology continues to transform various industries, transit agencies are adapting to meet the evolving needs of urban commuters,” said Lisette Anciaes, Senior Program Director at Tru. “By embracing Tru Prepaid Cards as an alternative payment solution, agencies have improved the overall user experience and operational process within their public transportation system,” the director adds. 

Tru is passionate about collaborating with companies that have shared goals and are committed to finding solutions together. The MW program is just one of many successful initiatives developed by Tru within the transportation sector, but this is just the beginning. To learn more about the Mobility Wallet program and how it can help you, check out Tru’s Newsroom


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