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Tru’s Partnership with Blacks™ Uses Influencer Marketing to Drive Traffic and Increase Brand Awareness

By March 26, 2024June 21st, 2024No Comments4 min read

Influencer marketing has become a powerful advertising tool, experiencing exponential growth over the past few years. Many companies have capitalized on its fostered success, enabling them to “go viral” and stay afloat. The success of influencer marketing has empowered many individuals to start their journeys as influencers, replacing traditional jobs by promoting brands within the digital space. Here are a few ways these influencers can benefit companies:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Targeted marketing and audience segmentation
  • Increased customer engagement and user-generated content 

Tru (Tru Universe) partnered with Blacks™ over the winter holidays to provide a one-of-a-kind experience using influencer marketing. This partnership has allowed Blacks™ to leverage the platform and facilitate payments for influencers reviewing their products. 

As part of this initiative campaign, a group of influencers were selected to receive a Tru Virtual Prepaid Card. These cards offer a hassle-free and efficient way for influencers to purchase products on Blacks™ website for review purposes. “Before our partnership with Tru, we had a real problem because we wanted to have a seamless platform to pay influencers that allowed them to customize their photo gift choices. No other payment platform seemed to offer a quick solution until Tru came along and solved our problem,” expressed Philippe, the Marketing Director of Blacks™.

A few influencers have shared their positive experience using the Tru Virtual Prepaid Card on the Blacks™ website. According to the social media influencer Julie D (@trysmallthings), the card was “easy to use.” She used her card to “order a variety of Blacks™ custom products including a puzzle, notebooks and Christmas cards, as well as a photo enlargement.” As a loyal customer of Blacks™, Julie further mentions that “Blacks™ has been my go-to for photo developing and printing for over 30 years. Last Christmas was the first time I tried their custom products, and I’m so happy with how they turned out!”

Kimberly T (@by_kimberly), who has been an influencer for four years, also echoed similar sentiments regarding her experience with Tru and Blacks™. When discussing what she enjoys most about being an influencer, she expressed her love for “Discovering new brands”. She could use her Tru Virtual Prepaid Card during the holidays to order “personalized totes, stuffies, snow-globes, ornaments, and picture frames” for her friends and family.

Julie D. and Kimberly T. gave Tru a perfect 10 for their easy-to-use Virtual Prepaid Card and would recommend the purchased products to their peers. Having the card delivered via email with the pre-loaded funds allowed for a seamless shopping experience. 

Tru’s innovative marketing solutions and unique payment platform has set the groundwork for a solid long-term relationship between all parties involved. By creating a personalized experience for clients and users and building trust via influencer marketing, Tru and Blacks ™ are committed to driving meaningful interactions.

“Adding Blacks™ services and roster of influencers has been a very joyful experience for Tru. The versatility in using the cards with their affiliate clients and collaborative deals brought another level of visibility through our virtual currency platform,” says Mira Tzur, the Senior Vice President of Tru.

With its seamless functionality and forward-thinking design, Tru offers businesses a transformative solution that unlocks endless possibilities for growth and success. The key to developing future business lies in the customizable capabilities provided by both companies, and the marketing efforts influencers showcase. Tru is dedicated to empowering its clients to achieve success and establish collaborations through teamwork and custom branding solutions.  

To explore the endless opportunities available to forward-thinking companies, please visit or contact

(*As requested for privacy, one of the influencers preferred to be identified through their social media handle, first name, and last initial. To keep it consistent, last names were omitted for both. If you click the influencer’s name, the hyperlink will take you to their social media.) 

Originally posted on World Reporter– Written by Ina Bochian – Published by Martin De Juan