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TruUniverse (Tru) Introduces Revolutionary Gift Card Platform for Property Managements & Shopping Malls at ICSC Las Vegas

By June 4, 2024June 21st, 2024No Comments3 min read
ICSC Vegas 2023

TruUniverse, a leading provider of loyalty programs and Visa prepaid cards, recently co-hosted a well-attended executive leadership reception and dinner at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) conference. 

The event, held at the prestigious Ocean Prime Restaurant in Las Vegas Nevada, attracted well over 50 attendees, all key players within the North American property management and real estate industry. 

The focus of the conversation quickly changed when TruUniverse introduced its innovative groundbreaking platform, specifically designed for the forward-thinkers of tomorrow. 

Creating the ability to increase more traffic/sales for the retailers as well as the overall profit for property management. This platform addresses a unique ability to merge a prepaid product with loyalty features into one card & or one wallet, such brings more volume and the desired  consistent traffic. 

“While combining our real time redemption, cardholders are able to enjoy instant cashbacks at all point-of-sale“ says Mira Tzur Senior Vice President (SVP) at TruUniverse.

The event kicked off with a dynamic live demonstration of TruUniverse’s capabilities and leading edge payment platform. The demo showcased the entire user journey, from the seamless onboarding process to the intuitive card management features, leaving the guests eager to learn more. 

Another topic of discussion at the event was the real-time reporting of daily transactions, while securing its financial compliance, tools that are effectively useful, in a diverse market spectrum.

Captivating the audience further, TruUniverse shared some of their upcoming technologies and  innovative features, leaving attendees eager to learn more about the future of this platform. 

“This event provided a valuable platform connecting industry leaders while showcasing our extensive A to Z loyalty & prepaid capabilities. Such accomplishment resonated with our clients, showcasing Tru’s track record in delivering these needed valuable solutions,” says Mira Tzur, Senior Vice President. 

About TruUniverse

TruUniverse is a leading innovator in the loyalty and prepaid card industry after having a proven track record for over 30 years of leadership and success in the FinTech Space and is set on a mission to disrupt and innovate the payment industry for years to come. The TruPlatform revolutionizes traditional rewards with end-to-end customization and valuable customer insights, helping businesses increase engagement and growth. TruUniverse is committed to providing its clients with the best possible solutions and helping them achieve their business goals.

TruPlatform exemplifies its commitment to innovation. It goes beyond traditional rewards programs by offering A to Z customization, allowing businesses to tailor their rewards to their specific customer base and marketing goals. In addition, TruPlatform provides valuable customer insights, empowering businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their audience and optimize their strategies for maximum engagement and growth.

Tru Universe’s Commitment to Client Success

TruUniverse is dedicated to providing their clients with the best financial solutions. The team works closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and develop customized strategies that deliver real results. Whether it is implementing TruPlatform to streamline rewards programs or leveraging Tru’s expertise in other areas of prepaid cards, their focus remains the same – helping their clients achieve their highest business goals and raise the overall bottom line experience &  profits.

The success of the ICSC event marked another milestone, signifying their commitment to pushing boundaries even further by standing tall being the leader shaping the future of this very evolving FinTech industry. Every step towards the future helps create new opportunities for building partnerships, which creates an infrastructure that can help grow and scale businesses. Tru’s strategy is to grow through helping others, as evidenced by the results they have shown and will continue to implement as the company reaches new heights.

Link to follow Tru:

Instagram: @truuniverseco
LinkedIn: @truincco

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Originally posted on US Insider.